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Sunday Nights for a Working Mom

Why is it so hard to shut your brain off on a Sunday night? Since returning to work I have found myself having a hard time meshing my two worlds. When I’m at school, I try to be all there. I give it all of my energy, patience, and attention.

Then when I get home, I give the same to my family. However, as I sit getting ready for bed Sunday night, the reality of both of my worlds collides together. I struggle with the thought of leaving my little man again. I feel the stress of school already bearing down on me.

I feel guilty for not doing schoolwork over the weekend. I feel as if I am somehow not prepared for the week ahead even though in reality I am. I guess I know that I will figure out this balance at some point, or perhaps I will just get better at giving things to God sooner. One thing is for certain though, tonight is one of those nights that I will pray myself to sleep.